9 Things to Always Keep OnBoard Your Sailboat

OK, so safety equipment is a give-in. But there are some things that you’ll want to keep on-board to make for comfortable sailing, for you and your guests….

1) Sunblock

We both have pale skin, so for us it is a give-in, but it is surprising how many of our guests also forget sunblock. We keep 3 – 4 different bottles on-board for ourselves and our guests.

2) Water

This is probably obvious, but nothing is more annoying than running out of water – especially since it is often hot when you are sailing. In a sailboat, journeys often take longer than expected, so keeping a significant water supply on-board ensures that you never run out.

3) Ginger Pills and Motion Sickness Relief

Many people don’t even know that they suffer from motion sickness, and we’ve given this to countless guests. Ginger pills are a natural remedy for motion sickness, but OTC motion sickness relief works quickly and effectively.

4) Snacks

Sailboats don’t move quickly, so getting from point A to point B can take longer than expected. Make sure you have plenty of snacks on board to increase your comfort during longer journeys.

5) First-aid Kit

Because you never know…..

6) Rain Gear/Warm Gear

Even if you track the weather forecast, once you’re out on the water moving, the temperature drops. We keep extra warm sweaters and rain gear on the boat for ourselves and our guests, as many are unprepared for the cooler evening weather or how cool it can get while sailing.

7) Extra hats

Many sailing excursions last at least a half-day, and that can be a long time to be out in the sun. We always have extra hats on-board for ourselves (incase we forget or lose one) and guests…. many of our guests forget hats or don’t think of them….

8) Wire cutters or utility knife

If you have a dis-masting (where your mast falls off) you may need to cut your rig loose. Always have wire cutters on hand and a good utility knife that is capable of cutting a line if needed.

9) Ziplock Bags

We once had an iphone die after being in the rain during a storm on the boat. Now, when it is looking like rain, we put our phones in ziplock bags – this keeps them dry but you can still use the touch-screen. WIN.

(they are also good for storing leftovers)

9 Things to Keep Onboard Your Sailboat