Sailboat Art

For Christmas last year, my family did a group painting class….. They basically just set us loose with paint and a canvas. Joe, of course, created an amazing sailboat painting. Apparently Joe is a talented artist – check out what he created…

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Top 10 Sailing Movies

It’s early February, and here it’s a lot of ice, snow and frigid temps. With our new project boat about a month away from being here, what better way to melt away the winter blues than with some good sailing movies? While there are many sailing documentaries we could recommend (Deep Water, Raw Faith,  and […]

5 Marina Games (for the drunken sailors)

Jimmy Buffet Shots Walk around the docks at the marina. Whenever someone from the group spots a boat named after a Jimmy Buffet song or quoting lyrics everyone else has to do a shot. Everyone does 2 shots if there is a boat named Margaritaville, because that’s just sad. Dirty Minds Boat Names Everyone comes […]

Watch For Us at the Mid-America Boat Show

That’s right! Nailing Sailing will be at the Mid-America Boat Show in Cleveland Ohio. We’ll be finding the best accessories, new products, tricks, tips and hacks and sharing them with you here. PLUS, we’ll be launching our VIDEO segments. We’ll be recording LIVE from the boat show — interviewing experts (or at least people who […]

Skipper Buds – A Great Sailboat Purchase Experience

We purchased our recent project boat, a Catalina 30 from Skipper Buds in Bay City Michigan. In the past, working with dealerships has been hit or miss for us – some have been terrible to deal with, but Skipper Buds was great. Possibly because they are a large chain of dealerships, they have great service, […]

10 Things to Consider When Planning An Extended Cruise

When enjoying an extended cruise, you’ll want to be sure that you are prepared for any worst case scenarios.  Here are some things that you’ll want to double check before heading out. 1)   Engine Maintenance. Check all of the fluid levels on your engine. You don’t want to run into an issue when you are […]

9 Things to Always Keep OnBoard Your Sailboat

OK, so safety equipment is a give-in. But there are some things that you’ll want to keep on-board to make for comfortable sailing, for you and your guests…. 1) Sunblock We both have pale skin, so for us it is a give-in, but it is surprising how many of our guests also forget sunblock. We […]