5 Things EVERYONE Onboard a Sailboat Should Be Able to Locate

5 Things Every Boat Passenger Should Know How to FindOne of the joys of sailing (especially on larger vessels) is sharing the experience with family and friends.

When brining guests onboard, it is helpful to give them a quick orientation so that they can locate key safety equipment quickly in the event of an emergency. Similar to how airlines have those annoying safety videos before takeoff, it is helpful to make sure that your passengers know where your safety equipment is incase they need it.

Often when there is an issue onboard, the captain is at the helm (or perhaps the captain has fallen overboard).

Make sure that all of your guests know the location of key equipment including….

1) Lifejackets

2) VHF

3) Throwable

4) Fire Extinguisher

5) First-Aid Kit

The fact is, you never know what will happen on a boat… better safe than sorry.