5 Marina Games (for the drunken sailors)

Marina Drinking GamesJimmy Buffet Shots

Walk around the docks at the marina. Whenever someone from the group spots a boat named after a Jimmy Buffet song or quoting lyrics everyone else has to do a shot. Everyone does 2 shots if there is a boat named Margaritaville, because that’s just sad.

Dirty Minds Boat Names

Everyone comes up with the dirtiest (but clever) boat name. The dirtiest name wins. Everyone else does a shot.

Don’t Say It!!!

Every time someone says boat, water, line, or nautical words of your choosing they have to drink.

Who Named Your Boat?

When you see boats with ridiculous names (there is one in our marina called Snuggle Bug) each player, creates their own back-story of how the name was created. Someone from the group strikes up a conversation and discovers the actual story of where the name came from. Everyone buys a drink for the person who guessed correctly.

 The Cat 30 Drinking Game.

Every time you pass a Cat 30 you have to do a shot….. oh wait, that will lead to cirrhosis….. PS. We kid because we love. We own one. Drink up.