Watch For Us at the Mid-America Boat Show

Mid-America Boat Show 2014 in Cleveland Ohio

That’s right! Nailing Sailing will be at the Mid-America Boat Show in Cleveland Ohio. We’ll be finding the best accessories, new products, tricks, tips and hacks and sharing them with you here.

PLUS, we’ll be launching our VIDEO segments. We’ll be recording LIVE from the boat show — interviewing experts (or at least people who think they are experts), bringing you product demos and showing you the best that the boat show has to offer.

This is a great break from the winter blues!  Stay tuned for more!


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    You recorded us teaching kids what to do if an adult fall overboard at our B-About Sail ministry booth at the Cleveland boat show. Would it be possible to down load the video onto our website with credits to you? When it becomes available.

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      Ahoy Captain Chad! We will be posting videos soon and by all means feel free to link them! We’ll let you know when they’re ready. Thanks again!