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Ben on Amy

Initially impressions

Beautiful and friendly, but no quick biochemistry.

What did you explore?

It was such an awesome cafe that dialogue undoubtedly reverted to meals.

Any shameful moments?

At one point we inadvertently made out I got kiddies (I do not), Amy reacted with surprise and was embarrassed because she had been shocked. We chuckled it well.

Great table manners?


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Best thing about the lady?

Truly friendly and super-easy to have a chat with.

Do you carry on somewhere?

We had been in Benares till after 12, next to a bar.

Markings out-of 10?

8: awesome night.

Is it possible you fulfill once more?

Yes, as pals. We exchanged numbers.

Amy on Ben

Initially impressions

Tall, dark and handsome with wicked sunglasses!

Exactly what do you explore?

Every little thing and everything – from Ben’s journeys in search of the most perfect revolution to just how amazing the meal was actually.

Any uncomfortable moments?

I became amazed as he mentioned the guy lived-in Wales.

Great dining table manners?

Exceptional, and an actual gent.

Smartest thing about him?

It decided I would identified him for many years.

Do you carry on somewhere?

We were chatting a whole lot we don’t leave till 12.30am, but we nevertheless went to a bar.

Scars out of 10?

8 (9 if he had been in the same nation).

Is it possible you meet once more?

We will keep in touch as pals, but no romance regrettably.